Epil Pro treatment is carried out with great precision, yet

Involves 3 very simple steps:

• Area undergoing treatment is cleansed with Steri-Kleen

• Epil Pro Lotion is massaged into the area

• Hair is treated and removed immediately

(no hold and wait is necessary as each hair is treated


After treatment with Epil Pro the area is left

hair-free and smooth with no trauma to the skin

Post Epilation Care

The use of Epil Pro Lotion Is an essential part of post epila-

tion care. It Is advisable to use Epil Pro Lotion twice daily

for four days following treatment.

In case of dry skin and in preparation of the skin, Epil Pro

Lotion should be used for 2 days prior totreatment

A specialised salon treatment.

Epil-Pro avoids the pain, burning and scabbing associated

with diathermy, or chemically induced trauma caused by

galvanic treatment  Because Epil-Pro is a truly non-

invasive and  virtually pain free system, each area can be

treated and cleared in one session. A superior alternative

to electrolysis .  Epil-Pro requires a course of

treatments, over which the hair become progressively

weaker until the re-growth ceases almost completely Epil-

Pro works successfully on any part of the body, all skin

types and  tones


harnesses the power of sound energy which travels

precisely down the hair shaft striking and degenerating the

papillary cells at the root and will even treat ginger or grey

hair and is an effective treatment for sufferers of PCOS.



Minimum cost £10  -  £1 per min

Upper lip approx £10

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